For the               In Love


and incredibly rare. The kinda love that makes your heart skip and breath catch. That kinda love needs to be documented and deserves to be remembered. I'm not just there to take beautiful pictures of your day (I mean, yes, of course!) but also totally immerse myself in your day and cheer on you and your love.

I'm a hopeless romantic and junkie of natural reactions and interactions between two hearts. The little moments you crave, the kiss on your forehead as you dance, the slight squeeze of your hand or the half smile from across the room as you're mingling with your guests. Those moments you crave, so do I and I notice them!

Your Love is

wedding bells are in the air


Your Love is emotional, messy, beautiful and authentic. From the moment your eyes met you knew, that is where your heart belonged. you'll want to remember it all with gorgeous photos!

New York | North Carolina | Florida | & Beyond



If you landed here you must be an awesome soon-to-be bride or groom looking for your photographer.

Well then, Hellooo I'm Joelle! And let me start by saying CONGRATS on finding the other piece to your heart. I believe every love story needs to be documented, but in a truly authentic way that is 100% raw and you. I know a LOT goes into planning your big day and I want you to look at your wedding photos 100x and still remember the way you FELT on your wedding day.

Let's get to know each other so we can have an amazing time on your amazing day!

I'm an electric slide pro!

Ready to cross off booking a photographer from your to-do list?