All about the girl behind the camera

Hey there! I'm Joelle

Let's Get Real

I'm NOT perfect, far from it actually. I swear too much, live in my yoga pants & sweatshirts. I believe cookies or cake for breakfast is fine (I mean they have eggs and milk in them) & believe thumb hole shirts are perfect for any occasion.

I'm intuitive, fun, and a down to earth gal who laughs at everything! I've been told I can be loud at times (it comes in handy during the big group photos... no mic needed for this chick).

I have an awesome talent of making people laugh and feel at ease while having FUN like we're old time friends!

I live for these two

I have two painfully sarcastic kids (who MIGHT take after me...), David & Bella.

David is sweet & caring. The most creative mind I have ever seen, this kid can make a replica of anything after just seeing it once (talk about a picture memory!) down to the tiniest detail!

Bella is a nurturer by nature (almost to a fault) & WAY too smart for her own good. She's also the sass in the family & will question all the rules (you better have a better answer than "because I said so" that doesn't work for her).

Even after                   he still remembers what I was wearing the day we met

I mean how sweet is that?! He's my biggest child which can be stressful especially with his love of Amazon (which my mother appropriately renamed Dave-azon). He's got the most infectious laugh, and one of those smiles that even when he's wrong I can't help but shake my head and laugh with him.

I mean don't get me wrong we have our moment's (because we're not perfect of course) where you just need to get away for a min before you explode. Like when he thinks it's funny to mess with my OCD (not cool)

But we don't take things too seriously, we laugh, forgive, mess with each other and always say I love you. Our crazy life works for us and is perfectly imperfect!

My Love

15 Years

You're my spirit animal!

I love cooking (the Italian in me)... but not as much as I love eating brownie batter! My kids tell me my pancakes are the best in the WORLD and always ask for more. I'm one of those throw it together no measurment needed.

Cooking is my thang

Shera (the yellow pup) is spunky & still a puppy at 9yrs old. She pats her food down with her nose & talks back when she's being ignored! Elsa is my 4yr old German Shepard and 100% a lap dog. When she kisses you DON'T laugh, she wont stop!

Give Me All The Puppies!

My heart and soul belong to Disney World! Fave park: Epcot because I love all the food! Fave movie: Beauty and the beast (My daughter's named after Belle). My parents live in Florida and work in Disney (Heck yeah!!) So you know ya girl visits all the time!

Disney Junkie

Besides Disney I LOVE the beach and palm trees (I know totally basic of me) but there's just something relaxing and calming about laying in the sun listening to the waves and the faint sound of a live band you just can't beat!

Sandy Beaches, Salty Kisses

Where I'll be traveling to in 2023

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Dallas, Texas


OBX, North Carolina


Orlando, Florida


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