Destination Wedding

how to plan a

Having a destination wedding is a unique way to get married in a beautiful and meaningful place

but where do you even start planning?

Seriously, where the heck do you start? I mean I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's easy to plan a destination wedding, weddings in general take a lot of planning. They have a lot of moving pieces and things to consider. But it's true planning a destination wedding is in a league of it's own! 

Like  for instance when planning a destination wedding or a wedding that's not in your state you have to do a little research with the state or country you decide to tie the knot it. Some countries require you to stay a minimum in their country before it's considered legal - i.e. In England you have to be there for 7 days before tying the knot legally - and recognized. No worries though! Just do a little research and select the best chose for you and your love!

Tropical, European, Mountains

First you need to decide where you want to travel to

Is there a place that means a lot to you two? Maybe where you got engaged, or a bucket list place, or it could be where your families are from. Choose a place that means something to both of you and a place where you can see saying I do and know that is the place you want to start your forever story. Again don't forget when making your "where are we going to have our kick ass wedding at" list you do a little research and make sure you can meet the countries and states requirements to be legal!

Large wedding, intimate wedding, or elopement?

how big of a wedding do you want?

Your wedding is exactly that... YOUR wedding! How do you want to celebrate your day? What do you see for your day? They seem like such simple questions, but they're really not. Destination weddings can be as big or small as you'd like.

Planning a destination wedding could be a lot cheaper than a larger wedding in your home town. Do you want your whole family there, or is there a list of a few you really want there? Don't feel bad about wanting a smaller day. Your destination wedding can be anything you want it to be, just keep in mind it's your day and your budget!

Venue, Food, Photography

So you've got down your location, now it's time to pick a venue! If you and your love can swing it, try to visit your location if you can and visit a few venues, meet a few caterers and of course see a few sights!

You can plan a destination wedding online, but I highly recommend visiting and seeing your location and venue before signing on the dotted line would be a good idea. I mean we all read reviews and while that does help you cannot seeing something in person and seeing it yourself really can sell you on if it's really right for you!

The same goes for photography! You should ask to see a gallery and meet - even if over Zoom - with your photographer before jumping in!

Dress, Hair, and Makeup

Just like with your photographer you should do a little research, post to a local group or do a little insta searching for your dress, make up and hair vendors!

Ask them for some of their highlights from their previous weddings, jump on a Zoom with em, and get to know the ones that are going to help make your day even more kick ass! Make sure your personalities work because trust me, having someone there that's going to vibe with you, makes all the difference!

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