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Let's show the world your              story

investment: $450

I'm SO very happy you are here!! First and foremost, CONGRATS on your soon to be NEWLY WED status, how freaking exciting! Getting married is a big milestone, a beautiful journey & I couldn't be happier for you. GO LOVE! Spending the rest of your life with your best friend, soul mate and other half is the easiest... and hardest thing - besides being a parent lol - in this world.

It takes love, compromise, forgiveness and coffee.. lots and LOTS of coffee - planning a wedding requires coffee -, but more important than that it takes patience. So take a deep breath and even when they throw their clothes right next to the hamper and not in it or take "way to long" to get ready to go to the store just remember the butterflies you two had when you first met, the way their hand reaches for yours at just the right moment and don't stress! Maybe have a glass of wine or a chocolate bar and laugh.


When Should I Schedule My Engagement Session?

You can schedule your session whenever you can! The sooner the better, if you'd like to use them for your "Save the dates" I would recommend with-in 6 -9 months before your amazing wedding date!

What location should I choose?

That depends on your style! You can choose a place that means the most to you two, or I have a LONG list of awesome places we can go all depending on your style! 

What should we wear?

What ever fits your style the most! Bring something laid back and then something dressier! I'm always down for an outfit change - but you might have to get a little creative changing! -. Corrdinate your colors, if you dont have any ideas, no problem I can send you a Pinterest board with amazing colors and outfit ideas! I got you!


Let's Talk About our Love!

What can we expect from you?

Okay, okay, here's the part you really wanna know about!
Full wedding day coverage starts at $3,575. I offer payment options to help you stay on budget! Weddings aren't one size fits all so shoot me a message below and tell me what you're looking for and let's do this thang!

Each wedding collection is put together with your special day in mind. Let's face it, there are no cookie cutter weddings, each one is different, and perfectly show your love and story! You deserve someone who gets to know you, your love and your story. I'm not just there to take pictures, I fully immerse myself in your day and your love story, so I can truly capture the raw love between you and your forever!

Each wedding is perfect.... with just a sprinkle of stress - especially the seating charts, amiright?! -!


The Start of your 


Besides awesomeness, I get to know YOU! Your love, your story and what makes your love so damn amazing. I'm not here just to take pictures, I'm there to root your love on, get to know you both, share in your excitement when you find your dress, tear up that dance floor and be your hype girl!

How much is the retainer?

The retainer is 30% and due within 7 days of proposal being signed. Dates are not held until retainer is paid and contract signed. All proposals sent out are active for 2 weeks. 

What does the booking process look like?

First you fill out the contact form with some info about your awesome day, then I send out more info about the collection! After that we jump on a Zoom call so we can get to know each other, talk about your day and I can answer any questions you two might have! If you love my awesomeness so much after our call then we can get the party started!

Let's Get Our Forever ON!!

Come Adventure with us!


Just you, the love of your life + me!

When you just want something small!

No matter if it's a big wedding or an elopement, your day is going to be perfect, because it's all about you two! Let's strap on a pair of hiking boots and hit up the trails for that perfect spot looking over the view, where you're on top of the world, Did you want to swap your heels for some flip flops or go barefoot on the beach for your day? How about we get bundled up and step out into the snow - with a heated jacket if you want.. I have 2! - and say your "I Do" in a fluffy white winter land! Let's go!

Elopement FAQ & Tips!

Elopements are all different! Each one is custom made to what you and your love need. They start at $800!

First and foremost, check the laws in the state where you're saying "I Do", every place is different! If it's a destination, book your tickets ASAP! 

Heck NO! While they are known more for just you, your love, the officiant, a witness and me, more couples are opting for a few more close family and friends! So bring your besties and let's party!

Pick some place that means something to you both, or a place that encompasses your love! I have A LOT of ideas I can give you if you need help!

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